Top Fin 5.5g aquarium kits Comes with filter and led hood One kit is $25 or both for $50 I also have several pounds of gravel, and a lot of decor. The gravel and decor are free with the kits, perfect for people looking to get fish!
10 gallon fish tank, comes with heater, fill-traction system and two filters, fish food, tank cleaner and a few accessories All in excellent working condition
26-Jun-2018Gallatin, TN(13 miles)Pet fish for sale
We just moved here from Idaho, and my sons fish tank broke. Need 10 or 20 gallon. Preferably cheap
FREE must pick up in Portland
Water conditioner and ph raiser for fish tanks! All money goes for my daughter since she never got a fish. Also have a master water tester kit on my page. These where only used a couple times maybe. Bought on amazon
Bought at wal mart! For about $12-14 I can t remember the price to the exact point.
Black bag is unopened, colored rocks is about 1/3 full
8-Jul-2018Gallatin, TN(13 miles)Pet fish for sale
29 gallon fish tank with stand and brand new filter. Does not have top or heater
9-Jun-2018Gallatin, TN(13 miles)Pet fish for sale
Poor Fish....So we do a lot of laundry around here with all the dog bedding, and we burn up washers and dryers all the time. Because money is always tight, we buy used appliances off of craigslist. We thought we had found what looked like a good deal...
Used for two months Comes with filter Lid has light on it Meet White House
10-Jul-2018Gallatin, TN(13 miles)Pet fish for sale
10 gallon aquarium with external filter AND internal filter. Also refill filter cartridges for the external filter.
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