Comes with pump LED Light Heater Thermometer Filter & replacement charcoal Blue gravel... I have it outside drying Everything but fish & replacement carbon filter... So much cheaper than buying new Ppu in Portland Other sites periodically
Stress coat 3/4 full Quick start 2/3 Stress enzyme - full Accu clear 1/2 Each expires in 2021-2022 Meet in Portland Tn Other sites periodically
I m taking down our fish tank and hate to throw these live plants out. Tank looks dirty since it s stirred up, coming from a healthy tank Ppu in Portland Tn
Brand new from a smoke free home. Great to use anywhere; bedroom, bathroom, or classroom. PPU near Beech
EUC - used about 4 months. Marineland LED Strip Light. 36 light fixture but mounting adjusts for up to 48 . Has day/night lighting options. The Marineland LED Strip Light, adjustable from 36-48", is illuminated by energy efficient white Daylight LEDs that provide higher output than typical fluorescent bulb lighting, and also include integrated blue Lunar LEDs. These components are housed in a s...